Kala Academy built in 1969; the main motto of Institute over the years had been promoting art and cultural programmes all over the states. Kala Academy is prime attraction in the Panjim and pride of Goa, it is actually located on the banks of Mandovi river, road going to Panjim - Dona Paul.

The complex has two auditoriums one is the open air auditorium the main with seating capacity about 2500, this auditorium is the trade mark of this complex, other one is close air condition named as 'The Dinanath Mangeshkar auditorium' having the seating capacity of 1000.

This complex has so much room that it has two mini theaters inside where small play is played by the small time artist or up coming artist especially who are trained, than there is recording studio, there is a library where you can find large collection of music (tapes and disc) as well as books. It also has art gallery where when artist perform their art exhibitions. Beside these activities there is workshop, practice room, visitor's room etc.

This Kala Academy plays very important role in promoting Goan traditional folk music all over state, infact Kala Academy has identified 27 folk dances forms of Goa, which are now performed mostly in public.

Large variety of programmes are played in Kala Academy such various orchestra from various states, different languages drama from all over India, lots of various festivals. Recently it held a big festival of India i.e International Film Festival.

Goa Kala Academy is prime entertainment of Goa of all kind of activities as well as function or any other source it may be.