Hollant Beach in Goa

The Hollant beach in Goa attracts huge crowds of visitors and tourists. It is known to be the only beach in Goa where one can see a sunrise. Those visiting Bogmalo beach never miss this magnificent beach.

The Hollant beach, 2 km away offers beautiful views encompassing the main southern beaches of Goa, along with the foothills of the Western Ghats. The Goa beach resorts here have an excellent choice in restaurants and the cafes near the Park Plaza are also good. Seafood from the cuisine of Goa and India is a particular specialty.

Vasco's other beach is Bogmalo (8 km), next to the airport. Just a little away (a left turn on the road to Bogmalo) is the tiny, quiet Issorcim or Hollant beach. Apart from the islands off Vasco, the other place worth a visit is the Chapel of Three Kings atop a hill at the nearby village of Velsao (15 km).

Apart from the serenity and the view, the sunset is really spectacular here. The chapel is the site of the rare Feast of Three Kings, celebrated on 6 January (after the 12th night of Christmas) at Cansaulim with a pageantry procession of the three kings who traverse the village on horseback from the church on a hilltop. A fair is also held at the church grounds.

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