Go-karting is surely catching up in India and is the latest craze in Goa. It is suitable for those that have a passion of driving in the fastest lane and requires no special training beforehand. There are two venues for go-karting in Goa, one each in the North & South.

Contrary to the fears of most people; go-karting is quite safe and enjoyable as a lot is done to ensure absolute safety for the driver. The go-karts are non-geared and quickly mastered and the driver sits only a few inches above the ground. Loose clothing is discouraged and the driver has to compulsorily wear a helmet.

The go-karting track in Nuvem, South Goa is very popular and is one of the best in India. It is 482 m long with lots of twists and regularly holds the Goan leg for JK Tyre National Go Karting Championship. Here one can see a giant display board that displays all the racing statistics and average speeds of 70 kilometers per hour (44 miles per hour) are common here.

The other go-karting track in Goa is situated at Arpora, near Ingo's night market. The track here is much easier and is just 0.2 miles long. Everyone is welcome to have a go at go-karting and the thrill of getting behind the wheel of a four-wheel drive here cannot be explained.