The towering, white - washed Holy Spirit church was built when the Portuguese destroyed the Hindu temple dedicated to lord Damodar that stood on the spot in 1585. (The Damodar temple at Zambaulim was constructed in the village of Zambaulim, 22 km from Margao when the Hindus smuggled the deity there.)

The Muslim army soldier however demolished the newly constructed church and later it was rebuilt and destroyed on several occasions. Finally since 1675 the current structure that was erected has endured.

The church can be entered from the side entrance to the north. The elaborately carved interiors are splendid from ground to ceiling. The feast day of the church is on June 10. In the church the huge cross dates from the late 17th century.

Many Old Portuguese mansions are built in front of the church around a square called Church Square or Largo de Igrega. Before modern construction spread southward this area was the center of the town and comprises of Margao's Latin Quarter.