The Church of Our Lady of Compassion is located in Piedade which is one of Divar's largest villages that has great panoramic views. The church designed by a Goan priest is known to be the first Christian structure erected here and is a charismatic building dating from the early 18th century.

The Our Lady of Compassion church atop a hill is situated at the site of an ancient Hindu temple which is known to have been destroyed in the late 15th century by the Muslims. Masonry of this temple seen by Albuquerque from his ship in 1515 when he returned to Goa for the last time was incorporated into the church.

To the south side of the church of Our Lady of Compassion one can see a remnant of the illustrious Kadamba era. One will also come across a chapel enclosed in a tiny walled cemetery which is known to have been converted from the former Hindu shrine. The Ganesh temple was earlier housed here and after being razed by the Portuguese the deity was later shifted to its present site at Candola.

The fragment of ornate stone tracery that can be seen in the window is known to have been carved in about the same time as the foundation of the Shiva (Mahadev) temple of Tambdi Surla. Also the carving and painted plaster decoration on the ceiling is known to be original.

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