Goa's Central Library is situated over the D.B Marg west from the Secretariat in Panaji. Founded in 1832 it is the oldest public library in India. It was earlier known as 'Publica Livraria' when it was built by Vice Roy Dom Manuel de Portugal e Castro.

The name of the Central Library was changed in 1836 to 'Bibliotheca Publica'. It became a National Library on 15th February 1897 and was then known as 'Bibliotheca Nacional de Nova Goa'. It was redesignated as 'Biblioteca Nacional Vasco da Gama' after being annexed to the academic and cultural institution, (Instituto Vasco da Gama) in March 1925. After some years it was again renamed Biblioteca Nacional de Goa.

The entrance of the Central library in Goa has large pictures depicting the scenes from Os Luisiades, the epic poem of Portugal's most famous poet, Luise Vaz cameos that glorify the adventures of Vasco Da Gama and that are made up of blue Azulejos tiles.

The book section has Goan newspapers dating back 130 year as well as a collection of literature printed in Goa of the 17th century. Three photo album containing sepia tinted image of Goa is also preserved from the late 19th century out of which one has handwritten explanations signed 1892 by a Portuguese librarian.

The Curator of the State Central Library Goa is the Head of State Central Library and it is under the administrative control of Government of Goa, Directorate of Education.

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