Ananta Temple at Savoi Verem in Goa

The Ananta temple in Savoi Verem has its own independent identity and a feeling of being this is special Hindu place for the devotees while entering the gateway.

The temple is situated little away from the village with nice smooth green setting. At the top of the flight of steps gateway is set, displaying widely its courtyard and surroundings, low walls of small courtyard is widely spread with low lying well watered paddy, a rich green for most of the year. Other than this are areca palms with few nicely crowns emerging from masses of tumbling pepper vines, lively outlines is provided by bananas and fruits trees. As this proofs that nature has done favour on this land.

The records on the history book say Savoi - Verem has been ancient settlement for both spiritual and secular learning. In 11th century this land was contributed to the teacher and mentor of Shasta Deva, one of the early Kadamba's rulers as a gift in respect of his wisdom.

Vishnu's images of different Avatars, which are presently kept in Museum at Old Goa proves that Vishnu is worshipped here for more than 1000 years. The images which are found in this village are also dedicated to Vishnu and worshipped here as Anant - the Serpent in this temple. During the time of floods Vishnu takes the form of Narayan asleep on the coil of Ananta floating in cosmic ocean, with the protection of its hood, kneeling beside his feet is Lakshmi. At the time of re-creating the world a lotus stalk rose from Vishnu's naval, sitting on it was Brahma the creator to fulfill the task. This image is in carved black stone on the panel.

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