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Made with the perfect dose of love!

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Description from the Owner:

Villa Blanche is a wonderful hideaway to calm your mind, catch up with friends, fill your stomach and never feel alone. Here you will find international glitterati, literati, yogis, travellers, tourists, movie stars, and locals, all indulging in the authentic Goa pastime of eating, relaxing and enjoying.
Everything at Villa Blanche is made with the perfect dose of love!

Avid travelers ourselves we wanted to create a place where a weary soul can relax and feel at home.A cozy bubble of good food, good music, and good company right in the middle of a dreamy Goan village. The tropical garden of an old Portuguese Villa, unique hand made mosaic tables, a lounge area with colorful pillows, a cute shop to browse in -all under the charming shadow of the green parachute.
The open kitchen entices your senses with delicious smells and you can actually watch how your food is being prepared as if looking into mum’s kitchen.

Eating in Villa Blanche is like a gastronomical time travel through the tastes of old-fashioned Europe (some recipes have been handed down to me by my grandmother). Cappuccino and ice cream in the piazza in Rome, Pretzels, smoked black forest ham, pork sausages with potato salad and German beer in the Bavarian beer garden, Muesli on top of the Swiss alps, clean fresh salad with feta cheese from Greece, Bagel with salmon and Cream cheese like in New York, fish from the shores of Goa…and of course cakes that melt in your mouth like in a Vienna coffee House…
Villa Blanche is a celebration of tastes and flavors assembled freshly with ingredients from the local markets and specialties from Europe.
In addition to our regular menu, we offer daily specials and vegan and gluten free dishes!

Once a week, on Sundays Food lovers meet at Villa Blanche for the famous Brunch Buffet.
Cooking starts for us the day before and often you find us until late at night in the kitchen.


Address in Goa:

Villa Blanche
283 Badem Church Road,
Socol Vaddo, Bardez,
Goa 403506

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Primary Phone Number: +91 9822155099

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