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Tuscany Gardens is the proud winner of the prestigious Italian \"Ospitalita Italiana\" quality seal - a symbol of the highest standards in Italian quality and Italian hospitality. At restaurant Tuscany Gardens in Candolim, Goa, we pride ourselves on serving simple, delicious Italian food. It\'s the place to visit if you\'re tired of curries and Indian spices or if you have a craving for a decent thin-crust pizza or al dente pasta.

We have both lived and worked in Europe as chefs and managers of different restaurants for many years, thus acquiring the knowledge of this business. On our many holidays in Goa, we found a lack of good quality Italian restaurants, and in 2007 we finally decided to leave Europe and open our own restaurant in Candolim, Goa: Tuscany Gardens.

This garden restaurant is one of the coziest in Candolim and provides a calm and romantic ambience. As the evening goes on, the area around the restaurant gets very quiet, providing a peaceful environment for you to enjoy your dinner and admire the beautiful little chapel opposite the restaurant. Combined with the Italian food and music, you might even forget you are in Goa for a little while!

We also make an excellent cup of freshly brewed coffee and our own homemade desserts. We also believe that good food should be accompanied by good wine, so we always track down some of the best wines available on the market - both Indian and foreign.

Proper hygiene and general cleanliness is very important to us. Our hygiene standards are comparable to the ones in Western Europe. Simple examples include the use of chefs\' uniforms and chef hats in the kitchen, clean toilets and purified water for cooking and ice cubes.


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Tuscany Gardens
Fort Aguada Road,Candolim,Bardez

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Primary Contact (Owner): Avinash
Primary Phone Number: +91 9922914663

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