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When your eyes feast on a visual delight of exotic tropical beauty, pristine sand kissing the shores of the beach, you know you’ve reached, the Kenilworth Resort and Spa, Goa. Snuggle up to the comfort and swish amenities of well endowed rooms, immaculate staff and flawless service, or simply take on the water sports with a vengeance. At Kenilworth Resort and Spa, Goa, we constantly endeavour towards making your stay a memorable and luxurious one, whether its business or pleasure.
Savour luxury like never before

Experience rebirth as you escape to a world of tranquility. Give your health and well being an indulgent boost as the white sands on our private beach offer a whole new meaning of serenity

Show the love! Birthday, anniversary or a special occasion – whatever the excuse, this package is just what you needed to celebrate in style! Make your special someone feel on top of the moon!

Escape the hustle & bustle of life as you indulge in the sights & sound of Goa

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Near Utorda Beach, Salcete, Goa 403713

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