En-Route World Cafe

Continental, Thai, Chinese, Burmese, Italian.

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En-Route World Café has been B&B’s solution to world-class international cuisine in Goa. It comes highly rated on travel websites, including international review sites TripAdvisor and World Food Resto Corp as Best New Fine Dining Restaurant and by Times Food as best in fine dining. The restaurant is ideal for a wide variety of dining experiences – from a formal business meal to a family dinner.

The chefs and staff have been trained to deliver a world-class experience through unpretentious, wholesome food, with some quirky fusion recipes included in the menu. Taking into account the well-travelled clientele who frequent the restaurant, En-Route World Café has put together an extensive menu catering to all tastes and requirements. There are options for everyone, from picky to adventurous, vegetarians to meat lovers.

There are a wide range of beverages, entrées, salads, mains and desserts, as well as single dish meals perfect for quick bites. The menu includes varieties of soups and salads; a delicious array of Italian food such as pastas, pizzas and ravioli; lighter snacks such as grilled chicken pieces, satay, stuffed mushrooms, bruschetta with a Goan twist or zesty baked potatoes. En-Route World Café also serves up a whole range of sizzlers served with herbed rice and grilled vegetables, melt-in-your-mouth steaks, well-plated seafood samplings and delicious vegetarian fare

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Kenkre Center, NH 17, Near Goa Dental College, Bambolim,Santa Cruz, Goa 403202

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