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Set by the banks of the River Sal, bathing in the beauty of Cavelossim village, rests the pride of Goa, The pioneer establishment of The Fishermen's Wharf. This, is where it all began. With the pleasant and joyous Goan vibe and freshly sourced seafood, the atmosphere that surrounds the Wharf is like no other. The uniquely creative assortment of food includes combinations of authentic Goan classics, playfully coupled with Indian, and Global flavors in the mix. Creating the ultimate culinary experience, are refreshing beverages carefully picked to lift your spirits.

With a sweeping view of shimmery waters and modern Fusion Cuisine infused with Goan influences, The Fisherman’s Wharf Goa is the portrait of riverside indulgence. The Wharf has made its place in the heart of the Goan community, with the best offerings of authentic local cuisine in South Goa. Suit your mood with breezy and fresh outdoors or the electric and spirited indoors. The Wharf is an all round entertainment hub with a delectable choice in cuisine. Dig in, to the sound of tasteful music and sway to the rhythm, as the spirit of Goa embraces you.


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Before The Leela, Mobor, Cavelossim, Salcette,Goa

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