Zagor is a form of a traditional folk drama performed in many villages in Goa. It is considered to be a folk play, which consists of a prayer to the almighty for the protection from every evil that falls on the village.

Zagor begins with prayers at a sacred spot in the village called mand where the folk artists and villagers urge the folk deity and other gods to bestow blessings for a successful presentation of the folk drama. From here a torch-light procession called sauri proceeds to the stage.

The performance of Zagor then begins with recitation of devotional songs through which the well dressed folk artistes invoke different gods and goddesses. They then come on stage to the tunes of folk music. This goes on for around 10 hours. There is no fixed story, but day to day happenings and experiences are shared in the most interesting manner.

According to legend, folk dramas like Zagor were a major form of entertainment to the villagers in the past when there were no modern means of entertainment available. It is considered to be a predecessor of modern theatre in Goa that deals in traditional village life aspects.

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