The forests in Goa cover approximately 30 percent of the land and are widely inhabited by tigers and elephants who often venture into the 240 of the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, although the forests of late, do not appeal to these animals due to the lack of proper vegetation and choicest food or maybe due to the hunting spree that was once a major sport of most of the people in Goa.

The sanctuary at Mollem may be just enough to visit for its species of Indian bison and gaur in this larger sanctuary found in Goa.

The forests in Goa are lush green and are a treat for any nature lover. They range in terms of evergreen to deciduous roped with lianas and epiphytes like orchids towering into the sky. The undergrowth in these forests is so thick and provide a good lurking place for wild animals and other reptiles. It appears like a vegetation civilization in which one feels completely relaxed and at ease.