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Welcome to our little PORTUGUESE HOUSE at PILERNE, North Goa. Located 6KMS from CALANGUTE BEACH or 10 minutes drive, either is the best, this LITTLE PORTUGUESE house on the COUNTRY SIDE is one you must try if you are looking for a perfect holiday with your entire family. We have FOUR DECENT BEDROOMS and TWO of them SELF-CONTAINED.

This house has mostly found the demand of a large group and families therefore we suggest that this place will surely keep you happy if you are looking for a JUMBO HOLIDAYS on the COUNTRY SIDE of GOA and not too far from the beach.

The house structure being in a PORTUGUESE STYLE will automatically make you enjoy each and every moment in the house in a GOAN LIFE STYLE as we usually have a habit of sitting together in the balcony with our family, neighbours and friends and together we used to enjoy URRAK, CASHEW FENI, SAUSAGES, FISH, SEA FOOD, FOOTBALL CHAT ETC. Those were the lovely days of being together with your friends, relations etc which are today conquered by today's little IDIOT BOX. But with US, we offer you the PERFECT BLEND to enjoy a lovely time in this house and make every one proud.

This house being old is maintained very well that you will find it very suitable as we have placed everything that you may need like TV, FRIDGE, KITCHEN FACILITY TO COOK, PURE WELL WATER to drink. Moreover, your daily morning bread is well assured, besides, a lady comes with fish, vegetable and fruits to sell and all you got to do is find somewhere a KINGFISHER and let it do the rest.

Alongwith a nearby similar bungalow we can accomodate much bigger groups.


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Goa 403516

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Primary Contact (Owner): Mr. Jude
Primary Phone Number: +91 9923691560

Secondary Contact (Owner): Mr. Jude Dsouza
Secondary Phone Number: +91-9049988922

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