Goan Recipes

Goan Recipes

Goa is a mix of east meets west, this in not only represented in their culture but also in their cooking style. The traditional way of cooking is still very alive today. If you visit any rural area, the locals can be seen cooking in clay pots on firewood. Although modern conveniences are available, this food preparation is preferred as it adds an additional smoky flavour to the any goan dish. The degree of heat varies amongst goan recipes from mild to positively explosive.

Goans have a miscellaneous platter ranging from prawns to sausages, chicken to beef, and numerous vegetarian dishes. Goa's broad sweep of unique cooking approach is the consequence of historical events such as the invasion of the Portuguese. Consequently goan cuisine is influenced by the religions of Christianity and Hinduism. Over time the cooking methods have been blended together and allowed to simmer producing an authentic selection of delicacies. There is a common tread in both religions. They equally emphasise on serving food that is not only tasteful but fresh. Presentation is paramount for goans as they often share their food, especially during feasts where food is distributed amongst neighbours.

There has never been a better time to discover or extend your repertoire of goan recipes and this website is a good place to start.

All recipes have been reviewed by top chef's who work for the Taj Hotel and the Marriott Hotel in Goa.

Pork Recipe in Goa

  Desserts Recipe in Goa

  Cakes Recipe in Goa

 16 Pork Recipes    14 Desserts Recipes    12 Cakes Recipes  
 Aad Maas
 Assado de Leitoa, Roast Pigling
 Chouricos (spicy goan sausages)
 Goa Sausage Risotto
 Hot and Sour Pork
 Pork Bafad
 Pork Chilly Fry
 Pork Pies
 Pork Roast
 Pork Stew
 Pork Vindalho
 Portugese Curry
 Almond Ice Cream
 Badami Phirni (Almond and Rice Pudding)
 Banana Ice Cream
 Bebinca (Layered Cake)
 Caramel Custard
 Date and walnut pudding
 Fruit Custard
 Perada (Guava cheese)
 Royal Vermicilli Kheer
 Three- in- one party custard pudding
 Vanilla Ice Cream
 Black Forest Cake
 Chocolate and Walnut Cake
 Chocolate Cake with Heavenly Icing
 Coconut and raisin cake
 Eggless Cake
 Fresh Apple Cake
 Goan Coconut Pancakes
 Jackfruit Cake
 Mango and Apricot Cheesecake
 Raisins Cherry Cake
 Semolina jaggery cake
 Sponge Cake
Seafood Recipe in Goa

  Sweets Recipe in Goa

  Chicken Recipe in Goa

 45 Seafood Recipes    47 Sweets Recipes    20 Chicken Recipes  
 Ambot Teekh
 Ambot Tik
 Apa de Camarao (Prawn Pie)
 Caril de tomato (Prawns with tomato)
 Chilli Calamari
 Clams fritters ( tisreo or kube dhangar)
 Crab Curry
 Crab curry
 Crab xec xec
 Dry Prawn Kismor
 Fish Balchao
 Fish Caldine
 Fish Mayonnaise
 Fish Reacheado
 Fish Temperada
 Fish Vindaloo
 Fófos de bacalhau (cod fish rolls)
 Fresh bombay ducks (bombils) stuffed
 Fried clams in shells
 Galmbo Balchao (shrimp preserve)
 Goa Shrimp Curry
 Goan Fish Head Curry
 Goan Prawn Caldine
 Goan Prawn Curry - 1
 Goan Sambharachi Kodi
 Grilled Fish
 Kingfish cake
 Motiallem (tiny silvery fish) sukem
 Pomfret Curry
 Prawn and Pumpkin curry
 Prawn Balchao
 Prawn Chow Chow
 Prawn Curry - 2
 Prawn Pakoras
 Rissois de Camarao - Prawn Turnovers
 Sardinhas a Portuguesa (portuguese sardines)
 Shark Ambo Tik
 Shark Xacuti
 Spiny lobster
 Squid chilly fry
 Stuffed Mussels
 Tisreo Sukhem
 Traditional Fish Curry
 Almond(Badam) burfi
 Badam Puri
 Banana Fritters
 Besan ke ladoo
 Bolo sans rival
 Boondi Ladoo
 Carrot Halwa
 Cocad - 2
 Coconut bhatt
 Coconut Ladoo
 Gajar Ka Halwa
 Kaju Barfi
 Mitha Khaja
 Modak(Sweet Steamed Dumplins)
 Moong Dal Halwa
 Motichur Ladoo
 Mysore Pak
 Patoleo in turmeric leaves
 Sannas -1
 Sheer Kurma
 Simple Maida Sweet
 Sugar cookies
 Suji Malpura
 Wheat halwa
 Wheat Tizann
 Butter Chicken
 Chicken Baffad
 Chicken Cafreal
 Chicken Cafreal
 Chicken Cutlets
 Chicken Gizad
 Chicken guisado
 Chicken lollipops
 Chicken Masala
 Chicken Moelho
 Chicken Roast
 Chicken Xacuti
 Chilli Chicken
 Galinha Cafreal
 Galinha com Coentro
 Goa Sausage Terrine
 Goan Chicken Fry
 Grilled Chicken
 Mustard chicken
 Tandoori Chicken
Rice Recipe in Goa

  Veg Recipe in Goa

  Beef Recipe in Goa

 13 Rice Recipes    23 Vegetables Recipes    18 Beef Recipes  
 Arroz Refogado
 Chicken Biryani
 Fried Rice
 Goan Mussel Pulao
 Goan Sausage Pulao
 Mutton Biryani
 Peas Pulao
 Plain Pulao
 Plain Rice
 Prawn Pulao
 Rice Croquettes
 Vegetable Pulao
 Ambade (Hog Plums)
 Brinjal bharta
 Cabbage Fuggath
 Cauliflower Manchurian
 Cauliflower Mushroom Masala
 Doodhi suken (yellow pumpkin dry)
 Drumsticks curried
 Garlic Naan
 JackFruit curry
 Karantim (bitter gourd) sukem
 Khatkaten (mixed vegetables)
 Methi Mushroom Dal
 Mushroom Chilli Fry
 Mushroom do Piazza
 Mushroom Pepper Fry
 Mushroom Xacuti
 Palak Paneer
 Pineapple and Mango Sasvam
 Spicy Potatoes
 Vattana Masala
 Vegetable Noodles
 Badami Gosht (Almond mutton)
 Beef Chilly Fry
 Beef Fry
 Beef mince
 Beef Stew
 Beef Streaks
 Beef tongue sorpotel
 Bife de cebolada (onion beef)
 Granny’s beef special
 Gravy Tongue
 Meat Ball Curry
 Meat Loaf
 Mutton Moghlai
 Mutton Xacuti
 Roast Beef
 Roast Tongue
 Salted Tongue
Pickles Recipe in Goa

  Chutneys Recipe in Goa

  Masalas Recipe in Goa

 13 Pickles Recipes    12 Chutneys Recipes    6 Masalas Recipes  
 Brinjal Pickle
 Carrot Pickle
 Fish pickle
 Gherkin Pickle
 Lime Pickle
 Mango miskut
 Mixed Vegetable Pickle
 Mol De Peixe
 Mustard mango pickle
 Raw mango water pickle
 Tendli Pickle
 Tendlim (tempeirada)
 Vinegar Chillies
 Caril De Peixe
 Coriander chutney
 Fish in white sauce
 Gauva Chutney
 Green Mango Chutney
 Lime chutney
 Onion and Tomato Chutney
 Peanut chutney
 Red Tomato Chutney
 Sweet mango chutney
 Tamarind Sauce
 Tomato Sauce
 Bafad Masala
 Goan Chana Masala
 Goan Sambhar Masala
 Mushroom Masala Bhaji
 Vegetable Masala
 Xacuti Masala
Soups Recipe in Goa

  Salads Recipe in Goa

  Snacks Recipe in Goa

 8 Soups Recipes    9 Salads Recipes    27 Snacks Recipes  
 Egg drop spinach soup
 Goan Ginger-Scented Tomato & Cabbage Soup
 Meat ball soup
 Pez (Canji)
 Sopa De Camarao
 Sopa de Peixe
 Spinach and Potato Soup
 Sweet corn and crab soup
 Chef's Salad
 Classic Fruit Salad
 Crunchy Corn Salad
 Lentil salad
 Plain Salad
 Quick White Bean Salad
 Russian Salad
 Tossed Salad
 Tuna Salad
 Banana muffins
 Beef Patties
 Beef Rolls
 Bhel Puri
 Botatwade (potato chips)
 Egg Sandwiches
 Fish Rolls
 French Toast
 Gram Dal Vada
 Guava Jam
 Mackerel Cutlets
 Mince Cutlets
 Mince Potato Chops
 Moong Dal Dosa
 Mushroom cutlets
 Potato bhaji
 Potato Chips
 Potato Egg Chops
 Prawn and Mayonnaise Ciabatta
 Prawn Cutlets
 Prawn Puffs
 Stuffed Capsicum Delight
 Stuffed Papads
 Tuna Sandwiches
Goan Drinks

 52 Goan Drinks Recipes  
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