Virginia Guest House

Close to Candolim Beach


Description from the Owner:

This is a nice Guest House close to Candolim Beach.

We have two bedroom apartment good for a family or for couples who prefer a little more space.

The two bedroom apt has two bathroom kitchen separate n a big round balcony which serves as a living room.


General Facilities

House Keeping

Room Facilities

Built-in mosquito netting
Attached Bath and Toilet
Western style toilets
Ceiling fan
Tea and coffee making facilities
24/7 Hot & Cold Water
Bed Linen and Towels


Address in Goa:

Candolim, Goa

Distance From:

  Airport: 38 km
 Railway Station: 23 km
 Hospital: 1 km
 Atm: 0.5 km
 City Center: 6 km
 School: 0.5 km
 Restaurant: 0.5 km
 Club: 0.3 km
 Casino: 5 km
 Supermarket: 0.5 km
 Beach: 0.3 km

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Contact details

Primary Contact (Owner): Virginia Fernandes
Primary Phone Number: +91 8806730263

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Terms & Conditions

ID proof is a must for all guests