Hotel Sagar

Description from the Owner:
Hotel Sagar is a budget class Tourist Home. It is ideal for lodging for large families, school, college or other affinity groups.
Hotel Sagarís in house restaurant is a favourite eat out among the locals as well as the tourist. An ideal hotel for large groups and families, on the famous Goa - Bombay highway.
Reputed Tourist Bus Services/ Tour Operators Boat Cruise services of Goa are accessible through Sagarís Customer Service Unit and tickets for entertainment can also be booked through us.

Contact Details:
Primary Contact (Owner): N/A
Primary Contact Number: 2413857
Secondary Contact Number:
+91-0832 Ė 2413857 /2415791
Address in Goa:
Hotel Sagar
Teen building,

Information about this Advert:
Reference No: DIR1580
Advert Created On: 26/11/2011
Advert Last Updated: 30/01/2014
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