Industries in Goa

City : Priol, Ponda, Goa     
Abhaji Industries deals in cash counting machine, testing machine. Situated in Ponda.  »
City : Bethora, Ponda, Goa     
Adhar Precision Industry is electrical stamping manufacturer located in Ponda.  »
City : Pernem, Pernem, Goa     
Afnita Oil Industries is oil industry that supplies oil. Situated in Pernem.  »
City : Mapusa, Bardez, Goa     
Agarwal Industries is listed under the Industries in Goa.They are the Chemical manufacturer in Goa.  »
City : Margao, Salcete, Goa     
Ambika Industries is lighting fixture dealer, wholesaler in Margao.  »
City : Panaji, Tiswadi, Goa     
Amruta Cashew Industries in Panaji deal in exporting and supplying of cashew nuts.   »
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City : Panaji, Tiswadi, Goa     
APS Water Industries is a diversified manufacturer into Water Technologies, Wastewater Technologies, Pool Products & Renewable Energy Technologies. Well-equipped fabrication shop and team of experienced engineers, fitters, welders, electrician & technicians to design, install & repair any  »
City : Verna, Salcete, Goa     
ATC Industries is a company that manufactures plastic component in Verna.  »
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City : Verna, Salcete, Goa     
Big Box Print is a packaging dealer that deals in packaging, printing, publishing services. It is also a dealer in Packaging Machine, Situated in Verna.  »
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City : Fatorda, Salcete, Goa     
Britona Industry deals in Candles, Marker Manufacturing and supplying located in Fatorda, Goa.  »
City : Corlim, Tiswadi, Goa     
Chaitrali Food Industries is located in Corlim. This Industry deals in food products.  »
City : Merces, Tiswadi, Goa     
Chandan Traders Wood Industries deal in timber merchant, timber wholesaler. Located in Merces.   »
City : Vasco Da Gama, Mormugao, Goa     
Chari Industries is steel product dealer that deals in metal sheet fabricator, metal product, gate, computer table etc. Situated in Vasco Da Gama.  »
City : Borim, Ponda, Goa     
Classic Rubber Industry is industry in Goa that manufacturers and supplies rubber product in Ponda.  »
City : Bicholim, Bicholim, Goa     
Crystal Industries is a company that deals in manufacturing foil product in Bicholim.   »
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City : Old Goa, Tiswadi, Goa     
The first venture,Dempo & Co Pvt. Ltd., and its wholly owned subsidiary, Dempo Mining Corporation Pvt. Ltd., were the entities that established the Group as prominent, professional, and responsible miner. An integrated mechanised mining, processing, blending, transportation and quality control  »
City : Panaji, Tiswadi, Goa     
Durva Agro Industries is the manufacturer and supplier of edible products, tilled garlic, garlic paste, tofu(saya paneer), pickle, mango pickles, mixed pickles. Located in Panaji.  »
City : Panaji, Tiswadi, Goa     
E P Industries deals in powder coating, powder paints, coating services, grill, railing. Located in Panaji.  »
City : Verna, Salcete, Goa     
Ferns Cement Block industries deals in cement, cement block manufacturing, building material supplying. This industry is located in Verna.  »
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City : Verna, Salcete, Goa     
Finolex as a small-scale industrial unit in 1956, they manufactured PVC insulated cables for the automobile industry. Finolex brand was born from "Fine" & "Flexibles" and "O" with an electric arc across it - signifying the electrical cable business the company was in. Their relentless search for  »
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City : Pilerne, Bardez, Goa     
FMD Industries is deals with plastic and plastic products located in Pilerne.  »
City : Bicholim, Bicholim, Goa     
G V Industries is automobile company deals in automobile body manufacturing in Bicholim.  »
City : Mapusa, Bardez, Goa     
Gajanan Industries are flange, pulley, Timer pulley manufacturers. Located in Mapusa.  »
City : Chicalim, Mormugao, Goa     
Goa Carbonic Industries Pvt Ltd is industry that deals in Carbon dioxide. Located in Chicalim.  »
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City : Panaji, Tiswadi, Goa     
Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI) is Goa's premier non-profit business, support-services and networking organisation. We represent and liaise with SME's, Corporate Organisations and Government bodies. Membership of the chamber opens up a rich-resource of free essential business information,  »
City : Siolim, Bardez, Goa     
Goa Chem Industry is chemical company that deals in chemicals, paints, enamels and varnishes. Located in Siolim.   »
City : Bicholim, Bicholim, Goa     
Gomantak Soap Industries Ltd is soap manufacturing and supplying industry in Bicholim.   »
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City : Panaji, Tiswadi, Goa     
Goodwin Group for Facilities and Services was established in 2008. This company renders services for Job Placements & Recruitment, Private Security Services and Secuirty Consultancy, Travel and Tourism Consultancy, Property Management / House Keeping, Real Estate (sale & purchase / rent & lease  »
City : Verna, Salcete, Goa     
Grandis Industries is manufacturer and supplier of mattress, coir mattress spring type mattress. Situated in Verna.  »
City : Sanquelim, Satari, Goa     
Hira Cashew Industries is cashew industry that deals in exporting, supplying of cashew nut in Sanquelim.  »
City : Curchorem, Quepem, Goa     
Industries National De Telhas is industry that deals in roofing materials in Curchorem.  »
City : Ponda, Ponda, Goa     
JAI Matadi Wood Packing Industry is wooden cable drum manufacturer situated in Ponda.  »
City : Mapusa, Bardez, Goa     
K B Spring Industries deals in spring manufacturing. Situated in Kholim, Mapusa.  »
City : Bicholim, Bicholim, Goa     
Kamat Metal Industries deals in supplying of supplying building materials. Situated in Bicholim.  »
City : Sancoale, Mormugao, Goa     
Kenwood Industries deals in polymer, polymer products, located in Sancoale.  »
City : Sancoale, Mormugao, Goa     
Kirti Marine Industries deals in products manufacturing and exporting, stern gear, propellers, anodes and deck.  »
City : Betqui, Ponda, Goa     
Krishna Industry is the plastic granule dealer, manufacturer and supplier located in Ponda.   »
City : Assonora, Bardez, Goa     
Laxmi Royal Industries deals in manufacturing collapsible aluminium tube, aluminium gate etc located in Assonora.  »
City : Verna, Salcete, Goa     
Laxmi Steel Industries in Goa deals in furniture, office furniture, mattress. Situated in Verna.  »
City : Verna, Salcete, Goa     
Madina Industries deals in fan, motor, and iron manufacturing. Located in Verna.  »
City : Sancoale, Mormugao, Goa     
Mahalaxmi Industries supplies marble, granites, and stones. This industry is located in Sancoale, Zuarinagar.  »
City : Vasco Da Gama, Mormugao, Goa     
Menezes Umbrella Industries is umbrella manufacturing industry situated in Vasco da Gama.  »
City : Betim, Bardez, Goa     
Metal Art Industries is ship building and ship repair industry in Mapusa.  »
City : Panaji, Tiswadi, Goa     
Microm Industries deals in aluminium sliding windows, cubicle showers, automatic sliding door. Situated in Panaji.   »
City : Moira, Bardez, Goa     
Modern Industries are welding contractors that provides services in welding, electronic welding services etc. Situated in Moira.  »
City : Panaji, Tiswadi, Goa     
Naik Steel Industries is a steel company that deals in steel product. Situated in Panaji.  »
City : Panaji, Tiswadi, Goa     
National Airconditioning Industries deal in air conditioners, repairs and services. Located in Panaji.  »
City : Bethora, Ponda, Goa     
Navdurga Industries are the motor winding dealer company located Ponda.   »
City : Divar, Tiswadi, Goa     
Nilesh Candle Industries is candle industry that manufactures and supplies candles. Situated in Divar.  »
City : Marcaim, Ponda, Goa     
Nishita Industries deals in shaft manufacturing in Marcaim.  »
City : Ponda, Ponda, Goa     
Patil Shivkumar Cement Factory deals in cement, cement products. Situated in Ponda.  »
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City : Sancoale, Mormugao, Goa     
we Pavnai Industries offer to our clients our valuable industry experience and expertise in the field of manufacturing wooden cable drums, wooden packing boxes, crates & pallets. We have the latest in technology & machines to give our clients the very best quality in a variety of finishes. Over  »
City : Panaji, Tiswadi, Goa     
Pinsons Wine Industries is deals in manufacturing of wines. Located in Panaji.   »
City : Panaji, Tiswadi, Goa     
Ployplast Industries deals in Mosquito nets. Situated in Panaji.  »
City : Verna, Salcete, Goa     
Polyclass Industries deals with plastic products, motor winding etc. Located in Verna.  »
City : Betqui, Ponda, Goa     
Polynova Industries LTD is Industry in Goa that deals in PVC leather cloth manufacturing. Located in Ponda.  »
City : Mardol, Ponda, Goa     
Polytainers Industries are thermoplastic item, polyester, polyethylene plastic products manufacturer and supplier located in Mardol.  »
City : Sancoale, Mormugao, Goa     
Polywood Industries provides services like cranes on hire. This industry is located in Sancoale.  »
City : Corlim, Tiswadi, Goa     
Prakash Color Cartons Industries deals in corrugated box and Paper box manufacturing in Corlim.   »
City : Panaji, Tiswadi, Goa     
Prestige Industries is industry that deals in wooden furnitures. Located in Panaji.   »
City : Corlim, Tiswadi, Goa     
Pride Industries deals in coconut, coconut shell products. Located in Corlim.  »
City : Corlim, Tiswadi, Goa     
Progress Corrugated & Packing Industry is a company that manufacturer cardboard, box. Situated in Corlim.  »
City : Marcaim, Ponda, Goa     
Propack Industries in Goa deals in manufacturing corrugated box and cardboard box. Located in Marcaim.  »
City : Marcaim, Ponda, Goa     
Quality Steel Industries deals in steel and steel products. Located in Marcaim.  »
City : Ponda, Ponda, Goa     
Raiyani Steels is steel industry that deals with steel products, powder coated steel beds, sofa sets, dinning tables cabins and all type of office cupboards. Located in Ponda.   »
City : Tivim, Bardez, Goa     
Ram Industries deals in manufacturing sewing machines. Situated in Tivim.  »
City : Marcaim, Ponda, Goa     
Ramdev Plastic Industries is Industry in Goa that deals in plastic moulded goods manufacturing situated in Marcaim.  »
City : Mapusa, Bardez, Goa     
Rishabh Industries is Industry that manufactures and supplies lamp. Located in Mapusa.  »
City : Mapusa, Bardez, Goa     
Roque Industries deals in automobiles accessories. Located in Mapusa.  »
City : Verna, Salcete, Goa     
Rotek Industries has established itself as wholesaler of packaging products, packaging machines. Located in Verna.  »
City : Tivim, Bardez, Goa     
Rotoflex Filmpack Industries manufacturers and supplies plastic bag, polythene bag. Located in Tivim.  »
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City : Pilerne, Bardez, Goa     
The Royal Marbles & Granites showroom is perhaps the most important one stop location in which you can admire the range grandeur and beauty of Italian Marble & Granite.  »
  0832 2756412
City : Margao, Salcete, Goa     
Ruchi Soya Industry Ltd deals in manufacturing edible oil. Situated in Margao.  »
City : Mapusa, Bardez, Goa     
S N Industries is company that deals in automobile accessories. Located in Mapusa.  »
City : Assonora, Bardez, Goa     
Sagar Cashew Industries is cashew nut manufacturer and supplier situated in Assonora.  »
City : Verna, Salcete, Goa     
Sagar Industries manufactures and supplies plastic product. Located in Verna.  »
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City : Usgao, Ponda, Goa     
Saima Agro Industry can say today, that it is one of the only cashew industry in Goa that still manufactures cashew kernels in the age old traditional method. Founded by V G Prabhu in 1968, SAI was one of the first Cashew processing units to be established in Goa, India. More than three decades  »
City : Bicholim, Bicholim, Goa     
Saiprasad Oil Industries is company that deals in manufacturing edible oil and coconut oil in Bicholim.  »
City : Old Goa, Tiswadi, Goa     
Samarth Plastic Industries in Goa deals in plastic bag, plastic sheet, printed plastic bag manufacturer. Located in Old Goa.  »
City : Verna, Salcete, Goa     
Sanghavi Industries are manufacturer and supplier of cable drum situated in Verna.  »
City : Corlim, Tiswadi, Goa     
Sateri Industries deals in manufacturing and supplying of plastic bags. Situated in Corlim.   »
City : Mardol, Ponda, Goa     
Savitri Steels Industries is one of the Steel Industry located in Mardol.   »
City : Ponda, Ponda, Goa     
Shantadurga Cashew Industry is cashew nut manufacturing industry located in Ponda, Goa.  »
City : Pilerne, Bardez, Goa     
Sharda Stone Industries is stone dealer that deals in stones like marble, granite. Situated in Saligao.  »
City : Panaji, Tiswadi, Goa     
Shirodkar Industries deals with wooden furnitures for commercial & residential use. This industry is located in Panaji.  »
City : Panaji, Tiswadi, Goa     
Shree Ram Industries in Panaji is industry that deals in granite and marbles.  »
  0832 -2256729
City : Mapusa, Bardez, Goa     
Silka Industries is soap dealer that manufactures detergent powder and liquid soup. Located in Mapusa.  »
City : Cunkolim, Salcete, Goa     
Simona Industries is fabric wholesaler, casting iron dealer, gate fabricator located in Cuncolim.  »
City : Pilerne, Bardez, Goa     
Steelmac Industries is listed under the Industries in Goa.It deals with Fabrication and Structural Fabricators.  »
City : Verna, Salcete, Goa     
Sukhmani Industries deals manufacturing and supplying pouch in Verna.  »
City : Corlim, Tiswadi, Goa     
Sundaram Industries industry deals in Phenyl. Located in Corlim.  »
City : Colvale, Bardez, Goa     
Supreme Industries is cement dealer that deals in cement product, building material and bricks. Located in Colvale.  »
City : Ponda, Ponda, Goa     
Surya agro Industries is manufacturer and supplier of spice powder, masala, papad. Situated in Ponda.  »
City : Priol, Ponda, Goa     
Surya Agro Industry manufactures and supplies masala, papad and spice powder. Situated in Priol.  »
City : Tivim, Bardez, Goa     
Surya Concrete Industries deals in cement pipes, RCC cement poles, RCC cement pipes in Tivim.  »
City : Ponda, Ponda, Goa     
Tuflite Industries deals with fiberglass and fiberglass products. Located in Ponda.  »
City : Panaji, Tiswadi, Goa     
United Trade & Industries Services deals in motorcycle battery, industrial, automotive battery dealer in Panaji.  »
City : Betqui, Ponda, Goa     
Vaibhav Industry is corrugated paper box manufacturer and supplier located in Ponda.  »
City : Betqui, Ponda, Goa     
Vinoy Industry is plastic bottle manufacturer company located in Ponda.  »
City : Fatorda, Salcete, Goa     
VIP Industries LTD deals in furniture mould steel furniture coated manufacturering situated in Fatorda.  »
City : Miramar, Tiswadi, Goa     
Woodcraft Industries is wood craft company that deals in furniture, furniture items. Located in Miramar.  »
City : Sancoale, Mormugao, Goa     
Zuari Industries Ltd is listed under the Industries in Goa.The Industry deals with Agricultural Input and Fertilizers.  »

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